Cold Coffee & Tea

Iced Coffee

Chilled coffee of your choice over ice.

Iced Tea

Chilled tea of your choice over ice.

Iced Chai

Chilled chai tea poured over ice.

Cold Espresso


…also try our three specialty...

Java Jolt

Espresso added to our frozen hot...

Iced Latte

Espresso and steamed milk over ice.

Iced Mocha

Espresso, steamed milk and chocolate over...

Cold Specialty Drinks

Frozen Hot Chocolate

Creamy blended chocolate smoothie

Fruit Crusher

100% all natural crushed fruit.

Fruit Smoothie

100% natural fruit smoothie blended with...



Espresso and steamed half-and-half.


Espresso topped off with steamed milk.


Espresso topped off with frothed milk.

Espresso or Americano

Make it an Americano by adding water.

Featured Flavors

Karamel Kiss

Latte with caramel and vanilla flavors.


Mocha with caramel and praline flavors.


Steamed milk and flavor of choice.


Espresso, steamed milk and chocolate.

Tea & Coffee

Brewed Tea

Various black, green, red or white teas.

Chai Latte

Equal parts latte mixed with chai tea.

Cafe au Lait

Your choice of brewed coffee and steamed...

Brewed Coffee

Various flavored, origin and fair-trade...